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Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Hey there! My name’s Finn-Ruby Dawe and I am a third year business student completing a semester abroad in Singapore. I have to say the two months that I have spent here have absolutely flown by! I suspect because the people and culture here are so welcoming and friendly that now it feels just like home to me. I literally came back from a Phillipines trip yesterday and when I (at this point a tired/hungry traveller) managed to get back to my dorm. I fell face down on my bed and thought, “Ahh its so nice to be home!”

One of the main things I love about NTU is the campus life. Back home it’s hard to stay in contact and meet up with my uni friends as I live a good 90 minutes away. But here it’s so easy to make great friendships as we’re all literally neighbours. There are also so many great facilities to take advantage of like the pool, sports fields and gym as well as the myriad of after-school clubs to join. I myself might have taken up too many in an attempt to have a go at them all. I’ve joined the hockey, scuba diving and ball room dancing clubs (hey why not!) and tend to show up randomly to another couple of them just for fun. I think there’s a myth and toxic stereotype that ‘asians’ can be quiet and not as outgoing. But, I’m here to tell you that it’s defintiely not true! All my local friends are yes incredibly hardworking and diligent but in many ways more outgoing and louder then I am. As I’ve seen on the sports field, when we hang out after classes and expecially during chinese new year!

But let’s talk about the academic life shall we? To be honest for local students at least it’s incredibly rigourous. It’s normal for most of them to take 7-9 subjects per semester and I found during mid-semester exams I definitely didn’t see them as much.  The lesson structures however are pretty much the same as back home and classes are split into lectures/tutorials/labs of about 1 ½ – 2 hours. Although, all my classes are combined to be 3 hours long which can be quite tiring but we are given breaks half way through. I’ve found most of the assessments are similar to UTS too with mid-semester/final exams, group assessments and quizzes. I’m taking all free electives and have found the work very managable. It tends to be the Engineering and Science facilites where you’ll find the work load more full on as this is what NTU is known for.

Overall, I’m absolutely loving my exchange experience and I know if you’re open to change and a new culture you will too!

Finn-Ruby Dawe
Bachelor of Business
Nanyang Technological University

Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient.

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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