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Golden Days in Spain

I have had one of the best trips of my life in this winter of 2019. That’s all because of a 2 week program in the University of Navarra, Spain. My project was learning how to run and function basic robots using programming. It was essential to know about Python (programming language) to operate the robots. Our classed started from 8:30 AM and ended at 2 PM with a 15 minute break in the middle. After class, there were cultural activities which were very entertaining. In the first week, the professor of the university gave lectures on robots and the importance they will hold in our future. When we acquired knowledge about the robot industry, we were taught how to use python to operate the robots. In the second week, A professor from Denmark presented to us on advanced robotics and the way coding is used like a language.

During the project, aside from exploring the beauty of Spain I learned a lot about new gadgets and how they’re impacting our lives. I have gained vast knowledge about the robotic world and acquired programming skills from this brilliant course. From this project I can now perform efficiently and constructively in a professional event. I also got to know in detail about the work ethics that are required to be a good engineer. Plus, I had a great in-depth discussion with the professor on ROS and how the Artificial Intelligence can be used for the benefit of human beings. 

 From learning Mobile Robotics to exploring the culture of Spain, I had many precious experiences throughout the course. I made new friends, experienced surfing for the first time, learned how to thrive in a foreign country by myself and most importantly, gained knowledge about the differences in work environment of Spain and Australia. I earned confidence to work globally and got familiar with the engineering workplace. To conclude, this course was a great learning opportunity for me and boosted my confidence to become a good engineer to work for the welfare of this world.

Rafiel Hisham

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