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Arkitektskolen i Aarhus, Denmark

The last two months of my studies at Aarhus School of Architecture have been nothing but fantastic! The school has been so welcoming to all the exchange students and has a very integrated international feel. Since it is a dedicated architecture school all the facilities are tailored to the architectural field which is very refreshing coming from UTS. We all get our own desk to work at for the semester and are put into studios based on a specific theme/topic. I am doing studio 2/3F which is about architectural sustainability. So far, I am really enjoying it as it takes the angle of sustainability in a more conceptual sense. This semester we are designing homes for ageing where ageing is used as a tool for looking more closely at sustainable design.

Here at the school there are heaps of facilities that enable all kinds of creativity and design methods.

The studio – Everyone in the studio gets their own desk and it is a very free environment to make and design. Here at the architecture school there are no structured ‘classes’ like at UTS, but the tutors come through the studios every couple of days to give feedback and assist in the design process. There are also occasional lectures that relate to our subjects and of course at the end of each design phase we have pin up critiques. It is a very collaborative environment in terms of student-to-student conversation which is really nice.

The workshop – The school has the most INSANE workshop. They have all the tools and machines you could ever need to make pretty much anything. There are CNC milling machines, 3D printing machines, laser cutters, knife cutters, welding areas, woodworking machines of ALL shapes and sizes (mostly huge and intimidating), a bunch of different robots that print, cut and saw, a clay making room, a casting room… you name it – they have it. The guy who inducted us at orientation said it best – ‘your brain is the limit’.

the library – The school’s library is completely dedicated to architecture and its literature. They have all the latest books and magazines, as well as every single student thesis ever produced at the school! So many references and resources to use. The best part of the library in my opinion is the basement material library. It is a huge collection of all the materials that are used to build with. There are traditional materials – like brick and timber and concrete – as well as a bunch of super innovative new materials and processes that use traditional materials in a new way. The library also has their own dedicated chair collection – again, super awesome.

the canteen – the school has a canteen where we go for lunch every day. they serve $1 coffee and lunch for like $6 which is super gourmet and always so delicious. it is quite Danish, with a LOT of pork and potatoes on the menu.

life in Aarhus – Aarhus is a city three hours north of Copenhagen and is the cutest place ever! Cobblestone streets, coffee shops on every corner and beautiful brick buildings lining the streets. Everyone here rides a bike, and it is so easy to get around. It is also super easy to do weekend trips to countries and places close by like Copenhagen and Berlin. I have found that travelling and exploring outside of Aarhus has made it feel more and more like home.

study load – I am currently doing a 24cp study load here in Denmark which equates to 30ETCS. I am using two direct equivalent subjects and one elective subject to complete this exchange semester. When I return to UTS I will be in the same academic position as my peers who were not on exchange. Overall, I am loving exchange and can’t wait for what more is to come! I would HIGHLY recommend the Aarhus School of Architecture to anyone in the UTS architecture program who is considering doing an exchange semester

Hannah Hill-Wade
Bachelor of Design in Architecture
Arkitektskolen i Aarhus

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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