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Ryerson University, Canada

Trip to Niagara Falls

Life on Global Exchange has been full on since arriving 2 months ago. Despite the countless information sessions, describing the exchange experience can do it no justice.

Strangely enough, Toronto is like Sydney in many ways. It is a very multicultural city, there is lots of good food and many tourist activities to do all within short distances. This, combined with Ryerson University also being very similar to UTS, made settling into life here very easy and stress free. Ryerson is also a campus that has many buildings spread throughout the city giving it a laid-back atmosphere that many people enjoy. The biggest differences are the weather (approaching -20 the first week I arrived) and the classes themselves. The classes here are 3-hour long lectures – No tutes like back home. They are long and boring, but the upside is that they are also easy. A semester studying here has made me appreciate the world class quality of most degrees from Australia and the cultural difference of a bachelor’s degree from North America vs Australia.

My view of the city

The second biggest part of the exchange so far is the social life. I’m currently living in an apartment building that houses around 40 exchange students from all over the world. There is a group of people doing something every night, guaranteed. It also helps that there is a great bar literally 10 steps from the door. But aside from most people’s alcohol tolerance increasing it is important to find a group of friends you click with. Meeting new people to study with, eat with, chat with and travel with is what exchange is all about. Every week there is a new group of people planning a weekend trip to the US, UK, Cuba or somewhere in Canada. This exchange provides one of the best opportunities to travel to some amazing places. I have already been lucky enough to see some of the US, the snow in Canada and Niagara Falls.

The best burger I’ve ever had

Finding a balance is important though. Keeping in mind, you are there to have an international study experience, which means attending classes, and a decent amount of study.

Dominic McEwen
Bachelor of Business
Ryerson University – Ted Rodgers School of Management
Toronto, Canada

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