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SGH University of Economics Warsaw, Poland


Until now I could never have imagined myself going for a night out when the temperature outside is minus ten degrees celsius, but maybe there is something in the Polish vodka.

Living and studying and exploring Warsaw has been an exciting experience so far! The magic of snow somehow makes you forget the cold, and with the sun coming out more as Spring approaches, Warsaw really does shine.

I am studying at SGH, the University of Economics Warsaw, where I am taking classes in European Integration, Philosophy, Americanisation, and a bunch of other fun subjects. The main building is pink on the outside and the library is over 100 years old, but at the same time it’s not so different from being at UTS (they follow Harvard style referencing too!).


With over 250 students visiting on exchange at SGH alone the program for exchange students here is incredible, we are so well looked after you’ll feel at home right away. The ESN team at SGH organised mentor buddies to help us settle in, as well as a jam packed orientation week. In one week I meet so many new friends from Poland and from around the world, had a city tour, went iceskating in the national stadium, met the municipal police (it was a safety demonstration I swear!), experienced a Polish style dorm party, ate traditional Polish food, had a snowball fight, and explored countless bars and clubs.

In terms of liveability, Warsaw has amazing public transport; you buy a three month pass that gives you unlimited rides on their trams, buses, and the metro. As well as this, almost everyone speaks good English so you’ll always feel at ease, but learning the basics of Polish has been a fun challenge too.


With Poland being in the centre of Europe and with flight prices that are incredibly inexpensive, I am looking forward to a semester of travelling around Poland and Europe with my new friends, and of course studying hard too.

In a city so rich with history, and with vodka and kebabs so abundant and cheap, it really is a fantastic place to be!


Rachael Piech
Bachelor of Business
SGH, University of Economics Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland

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