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Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark




How’s life in your host city? What’s the university like?
Life in Aarhus is very different to life in Sydney. The biggest change is probably the weather. It’s pretty cold here and has been snowing regularly. The Danish concept of “Hygge” an untranslatable word meaning “cosiness” is not understood until in Denmark: warm cottages with fireplaces and candles and lots of warm drinks. Aarhus is a really nice sized city. The centre of town feels like an old village with cobblestone streets and small stores and bars. Everything is within a 20-30 min bike ride and is very well linked with dedicated bike paths everywhere.

The uni here is very cute. It’s made up of lots of small old buildings, which have been acquired over the years as the uni has expanded. The pedagogy of the uni is completely different to UTS. The studio environment is very professional in the sense that it emulates an office environment. It is however very loosely organised which can be frustrating and very confusing at times.



Have you taken up a new sport or activity while on exchange?
I was meaning to get into European Handball but with this cold weather it’s really hard to leave my room! I will most likely sign up for a gym though soon… maybe… or just keep drinking beers

What have you found most surprising about your new country/culture?
People in Denmark do not lock their bikes to anything on the street. They have “wheel locks” here which basically lock the back wheel to the frame. This means someone could come along and pick up your bike and walk away. However people in Denmark are so trusting that the system works and hardly any bikes ever get stolen. People also leave their babies unattended in prams out on the street if they have to go into a store/room, which is super crazy!


Are you studying something really interesting or different to what you’ve done before?
At the moment my unit is designing a Façade for the San Lorenzo Basilica in Florence. We took a trip to Florence a couple of weeks ago as a class which was great.  Having a site overseas is really different to what we would be doing back home and also working with such an old historical building in San Lorenzo is also quite different.

Oscar Read
Bachelor of Design in Architecture
Arkitektskolen Aarhus (Aarhus School of Arhcitecture)

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