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Adjusting to Tokyo



It’s been over a month since my last post and I’ve gotten into a sense of routine I think. I attend uni three days a week, which gives me time to go out and explore a bit on the other four days. It’s nice but also I think it’s made me kind of lazy, since my days off form something like an extended weekend.

So in terms of day to day life, contrary to my preconception that food and transport in Asia is cheap, and therefore Japan’s should be too since it’s in Asia, transport is quite expensive. This is quite noticeably so when you have to change to lines owned by different companies. It’s for this reason that I’ve taken to walking to my campus everyday since it’s actually quite close. I think it doesn’t help that the time it takes for me to walk to uni is the same as the time it takes by train. I also get to avoid being squished within packed trains. Walking is okay for now but I guess we’ll have to see when the weather gets colder. I have found some small stores while walking though which is kind of nice!! When it comes to buying food, I find the price to be similar to Sydney? I think conveyor belt sushi might be cheaper though. Also, they tend not to serve cooked vegetables with their food too, which is a little sad because I prefer vegetables over meat. There is some variety in terms of international food but I haven’t really tried any so I’m not sure if it’s good. I was really surprised to see kebab places for some reason??


Recently, in my pathetic attempts to save money, I’ve started to cook for myself.  I’ve also gotten a bit sick of eating out as well so it’s probably a good thing but also, living on my own is tiring. This is probably laziness speaking but having to cook and clean myself really makes me appreciate home a lot more. Though, it’s kind of nice having dorm mates?? It’s really something I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.


Classes here are set differently since there’s just one class, not a lecture and tutorial. However, one class feels really long since a period is 100 minutes. The workload so far has been manageable and hopefully it stays that way. In terms of classes, my favourite would probably be Japanese language classes since I want to improve my language skills. The Performing Arts class that I’ve been taking is quite interesting as well though! More specifically, as part of the class we had to watch a contemporary Japanese theatre performance and I really liked it. I was a bit surprised since I thought I wouldn’t get into it but it was good!!

Also I went to DisneySEA on a Saturday last month. Lots of people go to Disney in match outfits or dressed up like Disney characters, which I thought was really cool since you don’t see it much at theme parks elsewhere. The queues are really long though. It was raining that day so there was less people yet there was still a 1.5 hour wait for most of the rides..


Leanne Ren (12599078)
Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication
Meiji University

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