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Simply Singapore and So Much More

Between island hopping in Thailand, exam prepping in cafes and trying to localise myself in Singapore, I’ve had little time to make sense of exchange life. In hindsight, it’s been a defining experience.

For communication students, we’re usually accustomed to the normal one hour lecture, two hour tutorial format of our timetables but Singapore’s classes operate differently. For the specific subjects I am taking, the following is a rough outline of class times:

Promoting Sustainability: 2x one and a half hour tutorials per week

Media Law, Ethics & Policy: One three hour lecture per week

Psychology for Sustainability: One three hour lecture per week

Korean Language 1: 2x one and a half hour tutorials per week

The workload is generally a little heavier than at UTS but it’s been mostly challenging in a positive way. I find that I’m actually engaging with a lot of the content and for the most part, it’s enriched my experience. I find that really immersing yourself in university life and figuring out a work life balance is quite a fulfilling task. To me, it seems redundant for me to go away for four months and not learn anything but at the same time, don’t let your grades consume you. My advice is to try the best that you can and attempt everything that comes your way but also find some time for travel.

For me, I made a spontaneous getaway to Phuket with Victoria and Monica (who will probably be writing about this trip on this blog as well). The girls and I got whisked away on a resort getaway where we were pampered silly. We left with glowing tans from days spent reading on the beach, satisfied from four days worth of breakfast buffet followed by indulgent afternoon teas and beaming from two hour massages, body scrubs and facials. In between, we visited Phi Phi islands and had our breaths taken away by the crystal clear waters. We marvelled at the soft white sand between our toes and ogled at the beautiful marine life as we snorkelled.

Back in Singapore, I’ve drank in the city skyline at rooftop bars and spent evenings dancing the night away. The food here continues to wow and every local you meet is a foodie in their own right so don’t hesitate to ask them for suggestions! Because NTU is so far from everything, I find Jurong East is a little bit of a gem for shopping. It’s basically got everything you need without having to travel the hour long journey into the CBD area but with that being said, sometimes it feels like a relief to be away from university.

Till this day, I felt like I’ve done nothing at all but in reality everything’s just happened so fast that it’s all become a blur. So my best advice to you is to take as much of it in as you can and savour every moment. Take some risks, have a lot of faith and life will find ways to pleasantly surprise you.

Winnie Wang


Bachelor of Communications (Public Communications) Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)

Nanyang Technological University – Singapore

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