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Two months left at Singapore

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Can’t believe half of the semester is gone!!! I have already stayed at Singapore for more than two months!! To be honest, I miss home, my family, my friends and my double bed a lot! However, I have gained a lot of different experiences when I am on exchange so far. And I’m loving it haha!!

I am currently studying four modules at NTU which are two direct equivalent subjects and two electives. They are all interesting and I have also met some friendly locals in class. Couple weeks ago, I have done my first in-class presentation and my groupmates and I all wore matched striped outfits as we were presenting the concept of “The French New Wave”. I have also joined a buddy program organised by the NTU GEM (Global Education & Mobility) Club where they pair up exchange students with local students. I have got paired up with an Year 2 Communication Studies student named Stephanie. We had a dinner together at NTU and she is very nice and told me a lot more about NTU and Singapore.


Even though I spend most of the at campus as there are a lot of studying to do (or too lazy to go out), I still manage to travel around at Singapore and out of Singapore during mid-semester break. During the break, I went to Phuket, Thailand with my two friends Winnie and Monica (more like my “older sister now). I have been to Thailand once but it was my first time to Phuket and I love it a lot. We also joined a day tour to Phi Phi Island on the third day of our trip and I also went snorkelling for the first time (so proud of myself haha). The island is so beautiful which I feel like word cannot even describe. With no doubt, my friends and I enjoy the relaxing trip very much and took a lot of photo to capture every moment we spent there.

Instead of traveling around Singapore, I should be saying I was doing a food exploration?! I have finally tried more Singaporean signature food such as curry crab, black paper crab, Bak Kut Teh and Kueh tutu. They are all delicious and sure will miss it when I leave Singapore.

Singapore and NTU have treated me well and I enjoy my exchange journey so far. I am glad I have met two “sisters” during this exchange which I have learnt a lot from them and we have been each other’s companies all the time. Thank you, Winnie and Monica, who have made my exchange journey better than ever.



Bachelor of Communication

Nanyang  Technological University, Singapore

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