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Seoul City is the place to be!

If your asking yourself right now should i go to Korea on exchange? The answer is : absolutely!


I was once in your shoes, but hey! currently i am in Seoul, Korea on exchange at Yonsei University and I am loving every single moment.

I did have high expectations for Yonsei University, and Yonsei definitely delivered and exceeded them on a whole new level.

The campus is beautiful and both staff and students are extremely helpful, especially with directions or any questions you may have about Korea or the university itself.



  • The campus is so beautiful/insta-worthy 😉
  • Food on campus is cheap, you can get pasta for 3,000won ($4 AUD) and there’s a great variety. Ranging from Korean meals, bentos, pizza etc
  • The teachers/professors are all very friendly/helpful (they bring you snacks !!!)
  • The library is amazing (great collection and the perfect place to study)
  • The Yonsei Campus has everything. eg: bank, cafateria, starbucks, union shop, bakery, optometrist, book shop.
  • One of the biggest/well-known hospitals in Korea, Yonsei’s Severance hospital is on-site at the university
  • There’s a lot of societies that you can join, ranging from hip-hop to volleyball and they are extremely open to exchange students signing up!


  • There is a gym, laundry room, computer lab, kitchen and several lounge areas
  • The dorms have good security, (24 hour night guard)
  • There is someone always at the front desk to help you with anything (eg, from when your sink gets clogged to when you need medical services)
  • You can choose between individual rooms or shared rooms
  • The dorms are very close to your classes
  • The bottom level has a cafe/restaurant/place to get a phone contract/convenience store/burger shop
  • The area Sinchon, is a nice area to live in



  • Korea’s delivery service: basically in Korea they deliver everything from McDonalds to Schnitzel to Sushi. Wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • KFC : Korean Fried Chicken is only 16,000won ($20 aud)
  • A lot of places are 24hour, and the shopping centres open till at least 8:30pm everyday
  • Street food is everywhere, and it’s cheap and delicious




I remember before coming on exchange i had a heap of questions, and really just wanted to know what the dorms were like? what is there to eat on campus?

So definitely if you have any questions at all or want a better look at what Korea is like and what Yonsei University is like feel free to check out my vlogs and post any questions which i will try to answer to the best of my ability 🙂

Eunice Oh, 12005207

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