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Guess what? It’s Mannheim!!

I couldn’t believe it’s been 2 months since I arrived in Germany. I still remember that I was so lost on the first day I arrived with a bulky luggage and trying to get from airport to my accommodation with the instruction that I got from the university. On the first week upon my arrival, I was busying with my registration as I missed the orientation due to my visa problem. I was glad that I have met someone in the first event organised by VISUM (an student organisation) who has helped me along with my registration.

Mannheim is a small city which can reach within 30 minutes by ICE from the Frankfurt airport. It also takes about 15 minute to get to Frankfurt city by ICE. I’m studying in University of Mannheim which located in Schloss(basically means palace). This is so different as compared to UTS and it’s so cool to study in a palace, isn’t it? I’m staying in student accommodation at Ulmenweg which has a lot of  exchange and local students living there. It takes about 20 minutes by bus to get to uni and there will be a new tram line within next few months. It’s quite convenient to live here and the only bad thing is that there’s no buses at midnight during weekday. In other word, you have to take a cab back if you are going to party on weekday.There’s a party going on every Tuesday which organised by VISUM. It’s a good place if you like to party every week. VISUM runs a lot of events such as pub crawls, VISUM goes ice hockey, Frühlingsfest, and trips to Cologne, Hamburg, Munich etc…. Although I won’t be able to join the German largerst event Oktoberfest, I managed to join the Frühlingsfest last week in Stuttgart which provide me an insight how German celebrate festival. I couldn’t believe that I had 2L beer in less than 3 hours and Frühlingsfest was a highlight in my exchange journey.

As you all know Germany is located in the centre of Europe so it’s so convenient to travel around the Europe. During my 2 weeks Easter break, I went to Scandinavia countries and will travel around after my final exam. With less than 3 months left, I’m looking forward to join more events and travel around Europe to make the most of my exchange journey.

13128748_10205791405016522_263734500_oSchloss (University)


Landmark of Mannheim: Wasserturm  (Water tower)

2016-03-15-19-52-49-021-Visum_PubCrawl-SSCVISUM goes Pub Crawl


VISUM goes Ice Hockey


Brewery Tour in EICHBAUM (Mannheim)


Cologne Trip


Tulip Garden in Amsterdam (Keukenhof)



Frühlingsfest Stuttgart

Tieng Soeng Tiu 11787114

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