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Life in Dornbirn, Austria

It’s been roughly 2 and a half months since I arrived in Dornbirn, Austria and after months of deciding where I should go on exchange, I honestly couldn’t be happier with where I’ve chosen. Time had flown by so fast, and I never thought I’d be this comfortable in a small town which is quite the opposite of our Sydney lifestyle!

After a solid 25 hours of travelling, arriving in Dornbirn was pretty… anticlimactic. A solid 24 hours sleep is definitely needed upon arrival! On my first real night in Dornbirn,  the exchange students were already interacting like a big family, going to one of the more popular bars in the city centre. If you’re thinking about going on exchange, you definitely don’t need be worried about making friends especially if you’re living with other exchange students, everyone because very close very quickly. Also, despite being a small town, you’ll always find something to do in Dornbirn with your new family whether is be skiing (badly), going for walks in the mountains, going to the markets in the platz on Wednesday & Saturday or going out on the weekend.

Dornbirn is an incredible place to be positioned in Europe as well. It’s 4 hours from Munich, 1.5 from Zurich, 5 from Milan and 6 from Vienna. I’ve been lucky enough to do some travelling because of this and it’s been so wonderful exploring new cities with a new group of friends.

As well as this, Fachhochschule Vorarlberg is an amazing university with great facilities and very helpful and hands on professors. Studying print design, I’ve found that I’ve really been able to push myself. You work on a lot of projects in groups as well which helps make connections with the local students which has been very interesting.

If you’re even slightly considering FHV/Dornbirn, I would say go for it! You might be hesitant thinking about it, but it’s a great area and a beautiful town and the university if very supportive of the international students. It’s been amazing making new friends and having the time to travel and having the opportunity to make new experiences with them. And don’t worry about being able to speak German! The course here is amazing and helps you with the basics.

Here are some pics!

Cassie Ciccarelli

11998150 – Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication


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