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Four reasons why coming to Spain is proving to be the best decision I’ve ever made!

The food-

Think mouthwatering goodness, hangover cure, grandma’s Sunday lunch, the finest delicacies you could ever devour and role it all up and you’ve got Spanish food down to a tee. There’s Paella- Spain’s most famous dish. It’s a smoky rice meal compact with fresh seafood, exotic flavors and a pinch of spice. Pincho de Tortilla is a Spanish omelet which is surprisingly good after a night out when mixed with chorizos and fried to perfection! Churros con Chocolate is to dye for- it resembles a donut shaped liked finger sticks and has a warm and cinnamon like consistency that you simply dip into milky chocolate and eat and eat and eat…

The culture-

From living in Spain for only a few months, I feel I have become more culturally sensitive to world affairs. My understanding of people around me and my appreciation for the different ways people interact has grown tenfold.  Spain has a rich history. There has been everything from wars, religious revelations, and economic struggles all the way to a dictatorship and a free-love movement. Spain is not short of glorious culture. I still marvel at the architecture that’s all around me as I walk down the street- going for evening runs past a crystal palace is pure bliss!

I must not forget to mention it is the people who make this culture so great. No matter how advanced or poor your language skills are; every Spaniard wants to help you. They are a lively and warm bunch of people. To me, it feels like there is a sense of being in a small ‘local-country’ community in the big cities. Because, well everyone loves to know everyone and they look after their own like you’re part of the family.

The independence-

Moving out of home for the first time to a foreign country where I couldn’t speak the language, knew nobody and didn’t have a place to stay when I arrived proved to be the best possible experience for me! I had to go apartment searching by myself. I had to start cooking, cleaning and paying bills on my own while still trying to keep on top of school work and socializing. But the rewards ran deep! I can now say I have met people from around the world who are best friends I’ll keep for life. You will party in one of the best nightlife districts in the world in a way you didn’t know was possible and of course; you will live a life that involves lots of siestas (because sleeping in the day is important). It is so satisfying to make your own rules and have the freedom to do things when you want.

The spontaneous adventure-

Pop over to Portugal for the weekend or maybe take a flight to Paris. Perhaps Amsterdam is on your mind. Why not take a train to Germany? The possibilities are endless and because Spain is located in such a convenient part of Europe- you’re bound to have spontaneous weekenders that you’ll never forget. At the end of my exchange I will be backpacking through Europe for two months, so right now I am focusing on seeing as much of Spain as possible. This in itself is the most incredible adventure. I will defiantly be coming back to this fabulous land!

Georgina Lenehan xxx

Georgina Lenehan- 11700717

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