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Living and Studying in Stockholm plus a little bit of travel

I have just moved into my new place which will be my home for the next 5 months while I study at KTH, Stockholm.IMG_1652 IMG_1276

Despite the major housing difficulties that Stockholm faces, the university has been excellent in matching exchange students to rooms. I live in student accommodation just 20 minutes from KTH I have my own bathroom and the kitchen is shared amongst 12 other students living in the corridor. I am fortunate to be living in a very friendly environment where our living area is a perfect place to relax and share a few coldies.


KTH is a really impressive university in many ways. They have been excellent from an administrative point of view and I have hardly had to lift a finger and the paperwork has been a breeze. In other areas, KTH is a rather sociable university each ‘Chapter’ (a section within the student union) runs their own facilities, common rooms and bars. They are often great places to study, relax and also attend parties. Academically, KTH is one of the highest ranked engineering and technical universities in Europe and based on the content of the subjects I am studying the expectations and attitudes of the professors certainly matches the high ranking.


Prior to moving to Stockholm I was able to do some travel in Europe. My guess is that if you are considering going on exchange this would be one of the major drawcards of applying. In Europe I visited Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Poland and Latvia. The benefits going to these somewhat less known places is that there are fewer tourists and everything is much cheaper! All these places were great with a diverse history and culture and I would especially recommend Eastern Europe.


If you are at UTS now about to apply for exchange, please do it. I attended three different information sessions in consecutive semesters and found the application process too much of a hassle before I finally applied to go on exchange. So don’t be one of those people who misses out on the opportunity of a lifetime and make sure you apply!

Robert Gibson

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