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Fashionably Late in Milan

After an incredible two months of travelling, I was pretty excited to settle down in one place. Milan is known as the industrial, economic and fashion capital of Italy and isn’t renowned for it’s beauty like Florence or Rome is. Despite no Colosseo, Milano has it’s own beauty: the incredible Duomo which is so breathtaking in real life, Parco Sempione where it’s buzzing during the day with the locals soaking up the sun and dancing to live music, which, not to mention surrounds the historical Sforzesco Castle and the picturesque Navigli, where the canals are surrounded by bars and restaurants.


 The stereotypes are true: the lines are long, bureaucracy is slow and public transport is always late. However, despite these inefficiencies I am loving Milan:

  • aperitivo: pay 8-10 euro for a cocktail and get access to an incredible buffet spread
  • gelato: no where can beat Italy for gelato, especially when they drizzle warm chocolate on your ice-cream that melts and tastes incredible
  • luini: Milan’s most famous panzerotto (made of raised doughnut and a traditional Neapolitan pizza on the inside!) where you line with the locals for a cheap bite
  • aperol spritz: a very typical Italian drink
  • coffee: somewhere in Europe that finally does decent coffee!


Less than a week living in Milan, it is incredible to think how easy it was to adjust to my new home. Whether it’s admiring the incredibly dressed (and good looking) Italians at my host university (Bocconi University) or drinking an espresso standing up, it was easy to adjust. I decided to stay in the student housing provided by the university (Residenza Acrobaleno) and it is so nice to have my own space and bed after hostel-living. It has also made it so easy to make many new and amazing friends from around the world! Classes haven’t started, but there isn’t a second to spare – this week I’ve either been exploring the city, attending an Italian crash course offered by the university (very useful considering not that many people speak English that well and it’s so much fun speaking another language) or at an organised orientation event. Another aspect that makes Milan a perfect choice is it’s location being so central to everywhere in Europe. I’m looking forward to more travel – starting off with the international exchange group organising a trip to Lake Como this weekend to Oktoberfest in a couple of weeks! It’s pretty cool to look at the ryanair website to see offers for flights from 19€ to Barcelona! Not to mention, plans to go to Sardinia! I couldn’t be happier with my choice of university, city and country; and having spent two weeks of my two months in Southern Italy I shall leave you with some pictures of what this amazing country has to offer:

10487544_10152499547120465_4085756626775783989_n 10509519_10152499547330465_2560409094556646528_n 10513537_10152499547540465_5872889831100615578_n

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 12.56.18 AMScreen shot 2014-09-05 at 12.56.09 AM

a più presto! 

 Vivien Tse, 11204310


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