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New York – Pace


So I have been here about 10 days now, and it feels like a month. But at the same time there is so much more to see and do (and way – WAY more people to meet).

So i’ve moved into Brooklyn Heights – this leafy, young, hip place just over the Brooklyn Bridge.

For me it’s weird, I don’t know, but when I find a place and I really like it I know that I will live here or come back here at least again. Well Brooklyn is this place. I’m two stops away from Pace University and only a few extra in the heart of NYC.

So let’s knock off a few things hey? Dorms. My roommate, Trevor, is from Connecticut. He’s 19, second year at Pace and studying film. He’s heaps nice, we have a lot of similar interests and he already knows the ropes with Brooklyn and Pace so Trevor is great help, letting me know what’s good around.
The residence in general is this old school hotel redone for us. It’s all updated; huge kitchens, study areas, chill areas and everyone here is really talkative and friendly.

So Uni hasn’t even started. I’ve gone to orientation last week and met the other UTS gang, some extra Australians (from Radelaide) and others from Germany, Holland, Spain and Ireland. We’ve had great nights together and bonded straightaway.

Sammy’s (one of the other UTS exchange students) roommate, Anna is a local New Yorker. We went out with her (plus Grace from Adelaide) and headed to dinner then an NYU house party. It was an awesome place on the Lower East side of NY; two stories with a spiral staircase that led to the roof. We met some amazing New York students and had a great night partying.

Partying has been pretty big (sorry mum). I’ve been to two rooftop parties, a fair few clubs and already made some great contacts in the art industry.
I mean I’ve seen Central Park, gone up and down 5th Avenue but I’m leaving a lot reserved for when my mother comes.

I also had an interview for a potential internship at Bader TV News. I was anxious and excited at the same time as I waited for the CEO to talk with me as I looked out onto Rockefeller Plaza. Not really sure how it went, the process here is a bit different and a lot more intimidating.

Hmm, I think that’s it. Well for now I’ve been snapping away on my cameras but I need to develop them first.

Above is pretty much my view a street away from where I stay. Below is this awesome cinema that I have fallen in love with.

Ah I could mention Williamsburg, West Village & all these other stories but I just can’t, all in due time I guess. Each day has been great; getting lost, going to Coney Island, talking with locals to seeing the sights.


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