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Toronto, Canada



Ryerson University Library – the UTS Tower Building’s squatter, yet equally ugly cousin.


My first impressions of Toronto were that as a city it is vaguely reminiscent of Sydney – albeit larger and more run-down. The city itself is home to a multitude of ethnicities and cultures that gives Toronto an international atmosphere.

For Sydney-siders, like myself and Zoe, having access to a subway system with trains that actually run on time and at very regular intervals, the city’s public transport system is a dream! Torontians, however, are not all that impressed; they consider their subway system somewhat dated – they obviously have never travelled on Shittyrail

As can be seen in the image above, Ryerson Unievrsity is visually similar to UTS. The campus – which, like our own – is not really a campus but rather a series of faculty buildings scattered around the Downtown area. The difference being that Ryerson is much bigger and despite the “campus’s” disjointedness it seems to have that North-American college vibe. However, I will hold my judgement for later as I have only experienced orientation activities so far – classes only start today.


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