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Travel to Berlin as young architects

Traveling to Berlin as part of our studio was an enriching way to develop our projects, understand alternate ways of managing sustainability and climate change in a different climate, and learn about architecture through the rich history and a diverse range of architectural styles in Berlin.

Some of the architectural highlights from the trip included visiting the Bauhaus school in Weimar, Germany, and learning about its influence in modernist architecture which can be seen in the clean lines and functional design of many buildings in Berlin.

We also visited historical architectural monuments including the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, and the Berlin Cathedral. These buildings offered us insight into the city’s rich history and the various architectural styles that have been employed throughout the centuries.

Further, we visited the Berlin Wall which was a barrier that divided the city from 1961 until 1989. While it was primarily a political and social structure, the wall also had a significant impact on the architecture of the city, as it cut through many neighborhoods and prevented the development of certain areas. We were able to see the remnants of the wall in various locations that we cycled to in the city, and the Berlin Wall Memorial gave us insight into the history and impact of the wall on the city and itโ€™s the people.

We also had the opportunity to work within a studio space in our host university โ€“ AEDES. We spent a lot of time designing, drawing and making models; transforming this space into our own for the two weeks. We engaged in a symposium regarding climate change and architectures impacts and potentials and then presented our final project to a panel of local architects which was a great experience for our personal and professional development as young architects.

Townsend, Morgan

Global Short Program Student (Faculty-Led)

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