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Barcelona !

I found this experience to be the most enriching of my life so far. Having the opportunity to experience another culture and city in the manner we did is truly a rare experience.

Some of the sites we visited were truly incredible. Especially when we spent a few nights up the coast in Girona as well as a day trip to Port Bau and Cap de Creus. I donโ€™t think I have ever experienced a landscape as surreal as the Marti Franc project at Cap de Creus.

Another aspect of that part of the trip was understanding first-hand how significantly distinct Spanish and Catalan dialects really are!

Additionally, spending two weeks exploring one place multiplies the enjoyment I got out of the travel. It allowed for true exploration of the city and itโ€™s surrounds, in our case, some truly incredible landscapes, and even the incredible cuisine, food culture, and meeting friendly locals from the area.

The trip allowed plenty of time to both get stuck into some incredible site visits, as well as meeting with innovative firms doing incredible work, all the while still having time to explore Barcelona by ourselves.

Sharing all these experiences as a cohort magnified the enjoyment and created an environment for new friendships. I have not stopped recommending this experience to friends since I returned home!

I am truly grateful to have been able to be a part of this experience, and will be sure to try get my name on the list for the next Global Short Program that arises.

Wennerbom, Henry

Global Short Program Student (Faculty-Led)

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