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International Summer Academy of Engineering in Austria

Last Winter I was fortunate enough to take part in the 8th International Summer Academy in Engineering for Women in Austria.

Arriving in Vienna, I was excited and tired from the long journey. My main concern was trying to find a place to buy a sim so I could contact home and have data. Most shops at the airport were open and it was easy to find one that sold Sims and have it registered. Most people understand English in Austria so it was really easy to communicate, everyone was helpful and approachable.

The first day of the program I was excited to meet the other students but also concerned about what our course content would be like. The program content was diverse and exciting, addressing different engineering domains like Mechanical, Civil, Software and Robotics. An interesting workshop was about Sundials and focused on their construction. We were able to travel in the countryside and see three different ones. We learned about the projects started in relation to this that had started in the university and how we could participate from partner universities. Another workshop focused entirely on engineering advancement in the Medical field and were able to see them working in action. We met with Hubert Egger, a leading scientist who is using existing knowledge about motor and sensory nerves to build artificial high-tech limbs.

Other exciting things included meeting with the locals and learning about their lifestyle and culture which is extremely different to ours. I met with people from Spain, Canada, Bolivia, USA amongst others. We enjoyed our time in the endless museums that offered an insight into the rich Austrian history, their scientific advancements and their artistic pursuits. This experience has made me more culturally aware and allowed me to assess my lifestyle in comparison to many others. I highly recommend a global experience to everyone as it comes with great adventure and memories.

Yumna Zafar

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Bachelor of Business Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice

Global Short Program student

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