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Artificial Intelligence Global Short Program in Paris, France

I have been fortunate enough to study in France and participate in Centrale Supѐlec’s Artificial Intelligence Summer School program. As a civil engineering student, studying artificial intelligence seemed so intriguing as it is unlike anything I had ever learnt before.

Hence, upon arriving to the university in France on the 26th of July, I was filled with excitement not only to learn, but to meet other international students and experience student accommodation life in another country. I arrived with my friend from UTS who is also in the same course as me, and we stayed with two other girls; one who lives in France and one from Dublin. That day we met most of the other students as well, ate together and started learning about one another’s cultures, ways of living and educational backgrounds.

Throughout our two weeks at Centrale Supѐlec, it was extremely thrilling and exciting, learning so much about these other students. Attending class from 9am – 5pm together, with good uni-provided lunches in between, gave a good opportunity to network and make friends with the other international students. The course itself was very interesting and I must say, extremely difficult. Though I did find it hard to latch onto many concepts, due to my minimal computer programming knowledge, I learnt a lot about the capabilities and applications of Artificial Intelligence in the modern world. There were also opportunities to collaborate with other students to complete tutorial tasks and a major group project.

After class and on the weekends, we would make trips out to Paris to explore the city, go sightseeing, try delicious new foods and spend more time getting to know each other. Throughout the two weeks, the university also took us on three tours. The first was to the Arts et Métiers Museum; Europe’s oldest science museum, where we got to see and learn about an enormous collection of scientific and industrial tools, techniques, and inventions throughout the ages. The next tour was to the Palais Garnier, one of the world’s greatest ballet and opera houses. This was truly magnificent and grand; from the staircases to the walls, ceilings, floor, and theatre rooms, was all extravagant and richly decorated. This was my favourite tour out of the three we went on.

Lastly, we cruised along the Seine River, the second longest river in France. Then, straight after we climbed the Arc de Triomphe, the worlds largest triumphal arch and saw an amazing view of Paris. A few other monuments we saw during our own time were of course the Eiffel tower and Louvre, both of which were magnificent and grand in their own way.

I really learnt about the history and beauty of Paris whilst I was there, was able to immerse myself in the culture, the people, food, and monuments. I will definitely be back to continue exploring and learning more about this beautiful city.

Melissa Ruz

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice

Global Short Program student

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