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A virtual internship in Indonesia?

Taking part in this virtual global short program with Arkblu Captial allowed me to learn unique aspects of skills from another culture I wouldn’t have been able to grasp conventionally. This included holistically understanding and using skills of patience, time management, and adaptability by viewing them through a different lens. This is something I wouldn’t have initially done when tackling work before my virtual global short program.

Specifically, one of the things to know about Indonesian culture is that work progresses at a slower pace compared to work in Australia. Hence, I learnt quickly that Indonesian time was more relaxed and fluid, which gave me the opportunity to slow down and take things in stride. In this way, working with Arkblu Captial allowed me to spread out and allocate my work more efficiently. Additionally, being able to adjust my approach to varying tasks according to the different circumstances presented to me was an essential skill I became familiar with. These skills became invaluable in the high-performance training programs delivered throughout the internship by my supervisors and the organisation’s upper hierarchy.

Additionally, during this virtual global short program something I really loved and enjoyed was I was given the opportunity to learn from a different cultural and work environment whilst being able to gain valuable insights into the industry from colleagues all around the world. I especially liked the endless opportunities and experiences given from working within an international industry, specifically collaborating with people from various roles and different academic backgrounds. This allowed me to consult with people from different sectors of the industry and see what their roles look like in relation to the greater ecosystem of BUSINESS. Subsequently, I was given the opportunity to learn from my colleagues, giving me greater insights into how to confront future challenges whilst further adding depth to my skill set.

5 reasons to take on a virtual internship 

  1. You’ll experience another culture from your bedroom (workspace).
  2. You’ll gain the opportunity to make an impact on the inner workings of an organisation.
  3. You’ll creatively apply what you know and develop it further.
  4. You’ll improve your professional soft skills.
  5. You’ll make friends from across the world.

Chinatsu Ozawa

Bachelor of Business

Global Short Programs Student

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