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Setting my sights on San Francisco

Having fallen in love with my experience engaging with the Global Short Program (GSP), which I undertook in San Francisco in 2019, I decided to partake in not only one more program but two.

My most recent experience was participating in a Virtual Global Short Program over the summer session of 2021/22. This program was an internship at BoConcept, a company based in San Francisco, United States, which was arranged through CISaustralia. While this virtual internship is primarily positioned for students and graduates to develop practical skills, industry connections and business experience without leaving home, I was fortunate enough to get the best of both worlds. Having conveniently located myself in the United States during 2022, this internship was the perfect opportunity for me to gain professional experience in the field of digital technology and innovation, as well as develop a network in the US with an international company.

While every day was different, over the 7 weeks my days consisted of working remotely on various projects and tasks which contributed value to the company. Some examples of work I engaged in include synthesizing quantitative and qualitative data to help drive product and design decisions, analysing user feedback and activity to enhance the user experience, and devising a proposal for a new brick and mortar store based on research and incorporating various innovation methods.

A highlight of this program was getting the opportunity to fly across to San Francisco for a short trip to meet my team and spend time in the vibrant tech ecosystem of the Bay Area. I was also lucky enough to be given a tour of the various landmarks holding historical and cultural significance, such as the birthplace of Silicon Valley, the Golden Gate Bridge and Mission District, among others.

While this program enabled me to work flexibly with autonomy over projects, I also had plenty of guidance and support from my internship supervisor. I couldn’t recommend engaging with Global Short Programs more! If you’re reading this and currently brainstorming ways to broaden your global citizenship skills, enhance your CV and build a strong professional identity, I would strongly encourage you to explore the option of this unique global learning experience

Milla Campbell

Bachelor of Communication (Digital and Social Media), Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation

Global Short Programs Student

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