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Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Hej (pronounced like “hi” in English) from Copenhagen! I’ve been in this city for just under two weeks and it’s already a place I could easily see myself calling home for the next four months.

Having already done some travelling around Europe for the first half of August (mainly France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands), I was somewhat worn out and ready to settle slowly into my new life in Copenhagen. However, the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) exchange program had other plans.

As incoming exchange students, we have the option to sign up for a Danish crash course and evening activities which take place the week before orientation. Having registered for both, each day was packed from the moment I arrived in Copenhagen. The Danish crash course was more helpful for the purpose of meeting other students than actually learning the language, but was great fun. The evening activities included a dinner of smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches), bowling, board games, an ice bar as well as many other bars around the city (the Danes love their beer).

During orientation week there’s the option for evening activities as well, which most students sign up for and is a great way to meet other new exchange students and learn about the local culture. Activities included a comedy night, trying Danish folk dancing, a canal tour, watching a Danish film and of course, many bars and clubs.

No day or night has been dull since I’ve arrived in this city, and I don’t think it will be anytime soon. There’s always something happening, and if you’re looking for more, the rest of Europe is at your fingertips to travel to every other weekend (Sweden’s a 45-minute train ride away!). I’m definitely looking forward to making the most out of the next few months here.

Connie Zhang
Bachelor of Information Technology
Copenhagen Business School

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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