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Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

The past month has been crazy in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. It felt unreal that I was going to spend the next 4 months away from home. That was until I met a wall of 35-degree heat and humidity stepping out of the airport in Hong Kong. Even in the smothering humidity of Hong Kong at the end of summer, the atmosphere was amazing, everyone was busy doing their own thing, whether it be picking up friends and family who have just arrived for a visit, or helping lost tourists who were trying to find their way around the constantly changing maze of roads that is Hong Kong.

Currently, I’m studying at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University located in Kowloon City. The campus itself is beautiful and well maintained, and very similar to the ‘concrete jungle’ vibe of the rest of Hong Kong.

The classes around here are very similar to the standard of UTS. Interestingly, extending on the idea of Hong Kong being a combination of Eastern and Western cultures, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University combines the educational principles of the western and eastern worlds, placing emphasis on both rote learning concepts, but also critically analysing ideas and theories. While there are separate classes for lectures and tutorials in most classes, there are some classes in the social sciences that combine lectures and tutorials into one class.

Compared to Australia, everything is relatively cheap around here, and there are plenty of little eateries near the dorm rooms on campus, as well as the campus itself. I usually eat on campus at the canteen, where they have a good selection of foods (including the vegetarian kind) for very cheap (about $35HKD or $6AUD). One thing that I noticed on my exploration of Hong Kong’s bustling markets and shopping centres is that almost everyone pays using their Octopus cards (the Hong Kong version of the Opal card) for everything, from groceries at the supermarket, to soft drinks at the local 7-eleven. 

Bharath Sivakumar
Bachelor of Business & Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong

Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient.

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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