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Salut from Strasbourg!

I am currently studying at EM Business School which is a part of the Université de Strasbourg. I’ve been here for about a month now and am really enjoying life in Strasbourg! The town is incredibly beautiful with a historical centre called “La Petite-France” filled with colourful buildings, cobble stoned streets and canals.

Strasbourg is a medium sized French town located on the border of Germany. Germany is only 20 minutes away by tram and is where most students buy their groceries as it is cheaper! Strasbourg is the second largest student town in France, after Paris, making it a really fun place to study with lots of boulangeries, bars and boutiques scattered around the town. It is also really easy to get around with the tram network and bike lanes. Travelling around Europe is also quite easy from Strasbourg with several airports nearby to choose from (Stuttgart, Basel, Baden-Baden or Frankfurt) and a good train network, which is perfect for day trips.

I’m living in a university residence called ‘Paul Appell’, which is a 10 minute walk to the business school and 20 minutes to the centre of town. The residence itself is pretty basic and quite old, all of the residences are. There’s a communal kitchen with a stove and microwave, a little fridge in each of the bedrooms and a university run restaurant next door if you don’t feel like cooking. After two trips to trusty IKEA I’ve managed to make it feel quite cosy and am really enjoying living there. Many people also live in private apartments which you can find online. A few friends struggled to find accommodation but if you start looking early you shouldn’t have any problems.

The university has been really helpful for meeting other people with lots of organised events e.g. Oktoberfest, trips to the wine region and the mountains. They also arrange for a local student to pick you from the train station and take you to your housing which is nice. Every Monday night there are drinks and every Wednesday night a party along with plenty of other events throughout the week making it easy to meet new people! It’s really nice to now have friends from all over the world.

The subject offering at Strasbourg university is really varied – one of my subjects is a 4 day grape and wine course where we go to a winery in France! There’s also lots of opportunities to practise French with French subjects, evening courses and a program called “tandem” where you partner with someone to speak the language that you are learning. Every week I meet up with my tandem partner and we speak for roughly 30 minutes in French and 30 minutes in English! It’s been a really nice way to practise French and to also make a local friend.

I’m so happy with my choice and would highly recommend Strasbourg for anyone wanting to experience life in France!

Charlotte Elliott
Bachelor of Business
Université de Strasbourg

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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