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Hej from Aarhus, Denmark!

I arrived in Aarhus mid-September and was extremely lucky to enjoy the last of the good weather before the rain set in. It rains every other day here in Aarhus, so remember a raincoat! (I didn’t…) My host uni (DMJX) is fairy similar to UTS. It’s a much smaller school and campus but class sizes are the same, except no big lectures. It’s very hands on, practical journalism, much like UTS.

My accommodation is dorm style with my own room and bathroom but shared kitchen and living space. It’s such a great way to meet Danish people and luckily, I live on a very social floor with lots of organized parties and events. As for the dorm, its nothing flash but has everything you need and quickly feels like home. Denmark is a fairly expensive country, similar to Sydney. Buying groceries and cooking for yourself is definitely the way to go. Save your money for going out or visiting one of the many art galleries or museums in Aarhus.

The first weeks are jam packed with events and lots of school but meeting people and getting to know them is so easy. All universities have “Friday Bars,” which are a super fun way of meeting people and drinking cheap beer.

Here in Aarhus, everyone rides their bikes to get around. I bought a cheap second hand bike and am very thankful that I did. You really need a bike here. Aarhus is a hilly city though, so working on your cardio is recommended.

Overall, Danish people are usually very friendly and fun. At first, they can seem reserved but once you break through that, they are really fun, sweet people. At first, I was really worried about a language barrier, but I soon found that almost everyone speaks really good English. Finding sources for stories is a little bit of a challenge at first, but usually people are keen to practice their English with a native speaker.

I’m finally starting to properly settle in here and feel at home. Hanging out with my dorm mates and class mates has definitely been the key to that. Oh, and study too.

Erin Ewen
Bachelor of Communications
Danish School of Media and Journalism

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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