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The Incomparable Experience at Jönköping University

Lakeside views, low-hanging clouds, and the greenest grass I’ve ever seen. This was the picturesque landscape I saw as I stepped out from Jönköping Resecentrum. And what was to come after that was nothing I had expected from this quiet little town.

At Jönköping University, the semester starts with a two-week long introduction to university life. ‘Kick-off’ is an incredible experience, thanks to the amazing university team who organises a range of activities throughout the day. Challenges, dances and everything in between (oh, and did I mention spontaneous singing?). It surely gets anyone out of their comfort-zone, and in the easiest way possible since all the university members go out of their way to include everyone in all the activities. 

Jönköping University offers a simple application process to get accommodation. The university offers a range of accommodation to suit your preferences. If you want something on the social side, try råslätt. For me, convenience was my priority and I was offered a room at Beta House, which is situated on the main shopping street in Jönköping. I would definitely recommend Beta House – it’s within walking distance to the university, all the stores as well as the student club ‘Akademien’. It also comes with a beautiful view of the typical multicoloured panel-houses here in Sweden. 

Of course, I did not forget that this is a university and there’s studying involved. Here, Jönköping University offers a language and culture course called “Swedish Language, Culture and Society”. It is an ideal way to learn about Sweden – to learn the minute yet important facts that make up the Swedish society. In addition to the language courses, I am taking an English Literature course and International Communications course – both of which are subjects I am passionate about, but did not expect the university to offer. 

So, if you are considering choosing Jönköping University, I would highly recommend putting it as your first priority. It is honestly an incomparable experience. The university takes the best of both worlds, with its location near the serene Swedish nature and its strong focus on social events. 

Hej då!

Lynn Chen
Bachelor of Communication (Creative Writing) and Laws 
Jönköping University

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