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The creation of an International Family – Abroad in Austria

What happens when you gather 32 girls from 21 different countries? It’s simple, it results in an international family being created as a result of one amazing and priceless experience.

For the majority of July I spent my time in Austria, exploring the culture and history while being a part of the International Summer Academy in Engineering for Women (ISAE4W) at the university of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria. This program ran for two and a half weeks and covered a variety of topics that focused on exploring applied sciences, women in engineering, new technologies in medical science and gave us the opportunity to network with other women who are currently in the field.  

The other participants of the program were from all over the world. Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Japan, China and Canada to name a few. All of us shared the same passion for engineering and natural sciences and it was a chance to not only connect with people from other countries, but also to make long lasting friendships.  

When I first heard I had been accepted into the program I was excited to learn about all the other cultures that would be present at the program; I had always wanted to travel abroad so that I could experience living in a foreign place and have the chance to learn about different ways of life. Not only did Austria’s culture amaze me but hearing everyone’s stories about how they got to Austria was inspiring. None of us had the same story and we were each able to pass on bits of advice to our friends across the globe.  

I would highly recommend completing a program abroad because it is an insightful experience that gives you the opportunity to make international friends and increase your understanding of the world we live in. It is true what they say about going abroad, you are forever changed by it; you bring a little piece of where you went home with you. 

Madison Dias

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical and Mechatronic)/Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice

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