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Siesta in Spain

I return from Spain with a greater world view for my career and future study options. This experience put me outside of my comfort zone, requiring me to lead teams in the classroom, to learn to communicate and adapt when travelling around the area or speaking with locals.

I have a new found understanding for Spanish culture and their way of life.

I understand where my studies sit in an international perspective.

I also have a new found appreciation for Spanish food and music.

San Sebastian, the city in which we were located, comes alive after 9pm. People flood the streets for ‘pintxo pote’, a night where bars serve hungry uni students Spanish finger food and beer. You’ll find this everywhere in the city, with students spilling out onto the streets.

I plan to keep building on experiences such as this to work my way towards becoming a global leader. The friends you make on the way are the cherry on top.

During my time at Tecnun university, I met American students, Spanish students and professors from all over the world. I made sure to teach the Americans some Australian slang to take back with them to Michigan.

The BUILD program supported us fantastically while overseas. I encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zone and take a trip with BUILD.


Global Short Programs Student

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