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Robotics in SPAIN!

From July 1-12 2019 I took part in the Robotics Summer course at TECNUN Engineering branch at the University of Navarre in San Sebastian Spain!

It was an unforgettable experience that I shared with 2 other UTS students and 10 University of Michigan (UMich) from the USA.

In the first week of the program we took an introduction to robots starting with theory, ethics and the progression of robotics from fiction to reality with Proffessor Emelio Sanchez.

In our second week we used ROS to develop the programming infrastructure of the robot to control it as well as theory in machine learning and AI from Proffessor Borgh from the University of Alberg in Sweden.

We also had many afternoon outings and weekend trips over the two weeks with the other UMich students.

We visited the San Sebastian Aquarium, tried traditional Basque food called Pinxchos, visited the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, took surfing lessons, took a boat ride around the coast, visited the boarder between Spain and France as well as visit 3 Basque towns in the Southern French coast.

Sharing this experience with the American students was fantastic as we all laughed and remarked on the differences between Spain and our home towns. We also learnt a lot about the American University experience and shared the similarities and differences between Australia.

I would recommend this BUILD program to all Engineering students. The robotics course was fantastic, and all the cultural programs included were unforgettable!

Siena Reynolds

Global Short Programs Student

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