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Living the hygge life in Copenhagen

When I first arrived in the city of Copenhagen, coming from the warm summer of Sydney, I had to adjust quickly to the drastic drop of temperature as it was CHILLY. Despite the cold weather, it didn’t take me long for me to start loving the beautiful city, the colourful buildings and the overall amazing vibes of the city.

I went straight from the plane to my first day at orientation at university where I met other law exchange students in a relaxed ‘hygge’ atmosphere, where Australians were definitely the ones to top who travelled the longest to arrive here. The campus on which the law classes are situated on is extremely modern and the seminar-based classes are generally very relaxed with basically only a final exam or assessment that you have to worry about, leaving plenty of opportunity for weekend travel! One of the classes took me by surprise, Legal Negotiation in Theory and Practice as it is highly interactive and very different to the lecture based classes I am used to back home as you perform different types of negotiations throughout class with other students. It is definitely my favourite class and it is actually very fun with students getting into their roles as well as being valuable practical experience. Despite being a 5 hour class on a Friday, it goes super quickly due to its interactive nature and then you can look forward to the beautiful weekend exploring Copenhagen.

I am living in the centre of the city and it is so easy to get everywhere since Copenhagen is a relatively small city. I had put off biking for a whole week as I am not a confident biker but once I tried it and got used to it, it is the best thing ever! It is so convenient to get everywhere and super safe with all the bike lanes so even if you’re a novice like me (I have not biked since I learnt how to ride a bike as a child), you will be absolutely fine. While food and coffee is not cheap, there are a lot of cute cafes and cool hip eateries that Copenhagen has to offer. Also a great chance to developing your cooking skills if you ever decide to visit the beautiful city of Copenhagen!

Michelle Lu
Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws
Copenhagen University

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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