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Warsaw in Poland

Old town market square

On 2 July, my second day in Warsaw, I went for a single walking tour to have a browse of the place I was going to live in for the next 2 weeks. And honestly, I was shocked by this ‘re-constructed’ city, it did not wipe out the historical breath of the city, but added more to it.

After a little walk around, I had a fine lunch at Old town square, where this ‘beef tartar’ is one of Warsaw’s signature dish. Quite fresh to me, as this was the first time I ever had a raw beef experience lol

On 13 July, almost the end of the program, SGH took us to Krakow for a 3 day trip. This photo was taken from Auschwitz, the concentration camp. I guess the photo can show the color of our feelings on the day. 

To be living now in a somewhat more peaceful world and holding great opportunities for a better future is a blessing.

After this 2 week program, I gained not only the experiences from this overseas adventure, but also knowledge and friendships.

Also it provided a great chance to look over myself, to walk out of my comfort zone. Everybody knows it is always easy to stick to a life where everything is repetitively same. Is it the life I wanted?

Seriously, life is more than just living.

Global Short Programs Student

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