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A Semester in Milan

Ciao ragazzi! If you are considering Global Exchange even in the slightest I would definitely recommend! In a few words, it is the one of the most rewarding and stimulating experiences!

I am currently studying at Bocconi University, a 20 minute metro ride from the centre of Milan. The university itself is not too different from UTS in terms of its teaching style. The main difference is that there are no tutorials, only lectures which will run two or three times per week for each subject. The workload is of the same standard as UTS, with the option to take classes as attending or non-attending (where majority of the time you are only required to take a final exam worth 100% – a perfect opportunity to fit in travel throughout the semester).

The university hosts over 1000 exchange students per semester, making it quite easy to constantly meet new people from all over the world. Besides making friends in your classes, there is an exchange group called ESN which is constantly hosting various events from aperitivos to weekend trips in Italy.

Milan is a fast-paced city, much like Sydney in the business sense. However, taking a walk along the streets of Milan you can definitely see the difference. From the Duomo to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan also has many hidden gems. A casual stroll from the centre to Navigli will lead you to stumble on ancient ruins and churches. It also does not cost much to have a good time here! Aperitivos range from 8 to 12 euros in which you receive a drink and unlimited access to a buffet full of different foods. The one guarantee you can have about living in Milan is that you will not go hungry! Aside from pasta and pizza, the city has a wide variety of relatively cheap eats which will leave your mouth watering. English is widely spoken in majority of the city, however it does not hurt to try your hand at some basic Italian. Bocconi offers Italian classes prior to the official start of the semester which definitely ease the transition from Sydney to Milan.

The central location of Milan also makes travelling very easy! Flights and trains are relatively cheap and make weekend trips overseas a breeze. One weekend can be spent exploring Italy with the next in Austria, all in time for classes on Monday. Milan has two main airports, both with coaches running to and from the central station. The transport system in Milan is also very simple and efficient making it easy to travel from one side of the city to the other within 30 minutes. Would recommend to explore every chance that you possibly get!

Thank you to UTS, Bocconi and the global exchange team for making this trip possible!

Paraskevi Georgopoulos
Bachelor of Economics
Bocconi University 

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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