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Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

What are the facilities like at your host uni?

Rotterdam offers a wide range of facilities. Notable ones that I access are the library and study buildings. Although these study areas tend to fill up before 12pm most days they are an exceptionally conducive study area. Additionally, there is a communal food court that has different foods from all different countries.

How does the teaching style differ to that at UTS?

Rotterdam is a very interactive university. It involves a lot of class engagement and activities. I do not know how it is for other faculties of study but media and communications is very engaging. Although it follows a similar teaching style to UTS the tutorials/ seminars go for 2hrs and 45 mins for each subject. This allows for increased range of teaching styles, from teaching, to discussion, pitching presentations, and other class activities. I thoroughly enjoy this teaching style as it has helped me to boost my confidence in speaking in public and drives me to want to learn more about the subjects so I can engage more.

Do you have both lectures and tutorials?

Mainly tutorials and one lecture for the 3 subjects I’m doing this block of the semester.

Are you studying something really interesting or different to what you have done before?

I study a Bachelor of Business back at UTS and thought I would try something new with media and communications and I am very pleasantly surprised with how interesting all the subjects I’m taking are namely ‘ICT’s and emerging markets’ and ‘Innovation and entrepreneurship in creative and media industries’. These topics sync in well with my business course back home offering me new insights to different ways of thinking.

How’s life in the host city?

Rotterdam is not as packed as Amsterdam which is very nice. It makes it a very liveable city and it is super easy to get around via tram to anywhere in the city. They have lots of bars and good university spirit.


Orientation was set out perfectly, equipped me and reduced my stress upon coming to the Netherlands. Allowed for a perfect transition into exchange life.


I am living in the Hatta Building on campus. I love my accommodation, it is a little expensive compared to other on campus accommodation but from what I have seen all the accommodation on campus is really good.

New sport or activity?

I have not taken up any new sports, however they have gym and classes running everyday which look amazing.

Most surprising thing about Netherlands?

Pretty much 98% people here speak perfect English/ despite pretty much everything being written in Dutch. i.e. advertisements

Top tips

If you’re interested in coming to Rotterdam I highly recommend it, especially if you are looking to gain some independence. Top tips I can recommend if you come here, be very open towards meeting new people, you will find that most of the interactions you have are with other exchange students who are also very keen to meet new people. Make sure you are on top of your immigration stuff.

Michael Evans
Bachelor of Business
Erasmus University Rotterdam 
the Netherlands

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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