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CityU Hong Kong

Wright 1
Hiking up Lantau Peak

Néih hóu from Hong Kong! I’m writing this blog post 2 weeks into my exchange at City University of Hong Kong. So far it’s been an awesome experience.


I started my exchange with a brief trip to Hangzhou, China. I’m glad I started off in Mainland China as, after experiencing such a foreign world, coming to Hong Kong has been a breeze! I missed out on the on-campus accommodation (which has been a blessing in disguise) and managed to get a room in an apartment in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island with three awesome German roommates.  In my experience, living on the island is better than living on campus, as you feel more integrated in the city and the Hong Kong way of life rather than living in the university dorms. I used and to find a room.

The University

CityU Hong Kong has a large campus and great facilities. It is an international institution with the exchange student population being roughly 20-30% of the total student body. As such, the university made it very easy to settle in and sort out my class schedule. The classes have been interesting and engaging and have a similar structure to UTS.


So far I haven’t joined any clubs within CityU but I have joined the Kowloon Rugby/Netball club. This organisation is great as they organise loads of socials, which allows you to meet people from all over Hong Kong. On my second weekend I was invited on a Junk Boat for the first social of the season – highly recommend getting on one of these if you get the chance! I have also joined a Dragon Boating team for when the season starts in January 2019.

Wright 2
Kowloon Netball Junk Boat Social
Wright 3
On Aqualuna – A junk boat that travels up and down Victoria Harbour to view the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon skyline.


Hikes! Beaches! Hong Kong has one of the best public transportation systems in the word. It’s super easy to get to many of the beautiful beaches around the islands and to hiking destinations. I’ve joined a ‘Hong Kong Hiking Meetup’ through, which gives plenty of inspiration for hikes and people to hike with.

Anna Wright
Bachelor of Property Economics
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient.

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