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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

So life in Milan; Italy in general is culturally quite unique, each service station has a little coffee shop inside it, they use the word prosciutto for both ham and prosciutto and fuel goes for an insane 1.60 euro a litre. Milan in particular I think is an easy place to live, find shops and eat good food however to me it does not even come close to the most beautiful city in Italy, although there is this beauty:


It is a very liveable place in the sense that it is relatively modern however ensure you are staying with other people in your apartment because you DO NOT want to be living alone I can tell you. Also it was 17th of September when I got back to Milan and I still hadn’t bought bed sheets. Buy bed sheets (I arrived 20th August).

The university has been quite nice so far, it has WiFi like all unis do so that’s great and they have been very helpful so far with orientation materials and making us feel at home here in Milan.

Main entrance of Università Cattolica:

Alberga 2

I haven’t taken on any new activities in particular aside from cooking and cleaning for myself although I have maintained activities I do at home such as joining a new gym and working on my Italian.

First meal I made on exchange:

Alberga 3

Fun story: I was cleaning myself for the first 3 days with moisturiser because I thought it was soap.

What I have found most surprising about Italy is how polite and nice the people are. everyone here has been very helpful and tolerant of my broken Italian and on the very first day someone gifted me their train ticket to make it into town because I couldn’t figure out the ticket machine.

At Cattolica I’m studying cooking and watching mafia films as well as studying Italian media which is a huge change from my Bachelor of IT at home. Classes have not yet started however I am very excited to see what they have to offer!

Thank you many times for reading. Addio!

Alessandro Alberga
Bachelor of IT
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

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