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Lancaster University, UK

So I’m currently eating a bagel in a little corner cafe in the Midlands, taking a break from my catch ups with extended family before I head up north to Lancaster to start the second part of my exchange adventures. Somehow I’ve managed to have a little over 3 months off between finishing up semester at UTS and starting at Lancaster university, so I’ve had plenty of time to immerse myself in other cultures beforehand and explore a few places.

I’ve spent the past three months trekking through the northern areas of Pakistan, roaming through the hills of Slovenia, enjoying the Berlin nightlife, strolling through the lanes of Vienna and ferrying between the Greek islands.

Pakistani monument, Islamabad

In a few day’s I’ll lug my huge bags on the train up to Lancaster where I’ll move into my college halls and begin an insane week of freshers events. Although I have not yet seen my campus or confirmed my timetable, I couldn’t be more keen to get up there and explore the place knowing I have been briefed accordingly for how to get there/ what to do on arrival and all the rest. At the start of the exchange process I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find somewhere that would fit the direct equivalents I needed, as well as somewhere exciting and new, so after looking through subjects at Lancaster and knowing I could spend all my days off climbing in the Lake District, I started to get excited. I even get to do a glacial systems subject, which are a little more hard to find at home! I’ve already signed up for the mountaineering club which is definitely not a sports club back home! So hopefully I can head up to the mountains in Scotland when the weather cools down even more to trial that out.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Being in the UK for the past couple of weeks has meant I’ve already stuffed myself full of pub roasts, soup and chips – oh and of course plenty and plenty of tea. It is an incredibly welcoming country that you can wander around and appreciate why it is so populous, with its huge open spaces and fresh air. I can’t wait for all the weekend adventures once I’m up on campus, being 3 hours from both Scotland and London means I’m never going to have to travel far for a complete change of scenery. There’s even a ferry service straight from the wharf at Lancaster over to Ireland!

After all the adventures I’ve been on so far, I’m so ready to get onto campus and experience the college life. Bring on freshers!

Finding the pigs in the New Forest, UK

Alexandra Aves
Environmental science and BCII
Lancaster University

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