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University of Zurich, Switzerland

Deibe 1

I arrived in Zurich around two weeks ago, and the rumours are true. Switzerland is definitely THE most expensive country I have ever been in. Every third car on the street is a Porsche, and everyone is dressed perfectly from head to toe, all the time. A half-hour bus/train ride costs around $6 AUD, and one stalk of broccoli can cost up to $7. In saying that, the prices are almost redeemable as it is also the most beautiful place I have ever been. It is pretty easy to forget about the 50 France spent on public transport, as soon as you’re strolling around the green/snowy/rocky Swiss alps. Zurich is super central, so you can easily get a train ride out to the mountains for the day, and not have to pay for accommodation. You can also pop over to Germany for cheaper groceries. I’ve already managed three hikes into the alps, and am absolutely blown away each time.

Deibe 2

Zurich itself is also a really beautiful place. It’s a lovely mix of old and new buildings, centred around the famous blue lake. The lake itself is runs right through the middle of the city, but the water is so clear and lovely that you can jump in at any point. It hasn’t been getting dark until around 9pm, and 4pm is the hottest part of the day, so after a day at Uni, you can easily head down to swim and chill by the lake until the sun goes down.

Deibe 3

I’m in a flat full of wonderful exchange student’s, including my personal photographer/ neighbour, Tim, another UTS student (took these amazing photo’s). I have already met so many interesting and fun people from all over the world, and have ventured out to the bars, forcing myself to like beer as it’s the only affordable drink.

So far, exchange has been amazing! We’ve got lot’s more hikes and trips planned while summer lasts, and then will apparently ‘not see the sun for two months.’ From what I’ve experienced so far, its worth the extra costs!

Caitlin Deibe
Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Communications (Social and Political Science)
University of Zurich

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