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Budapest University of Technology & Economics, Hungary



Budapest put lightly is a seriously great city. It has stunning buildings, great nightlife and an array of wonderful people you will quickly get to know in this small city. I would recommend it to anyone that would like to come on exchange here. The university is quite a lot different from UTS however they do have a big exchange program so are always extremely accommodating and willing to help you out. As I stated the exchange program, not just in BME but also all the other university’s is quite large compared to what I have seen in Sydney so there is lots of young like minded people from all around the world you will soon become friends with. Most of the courses you will study will be with only exchange students as they are generally the only courses taught in English.

Recreationally, Budapest has a great deal to offer. There are plenty of sports programs with the university, multiple parks, great architecture and a very unique nightlife. The main party district has an unbelievable amount of bars all within a super close proximity, with different things on every night of the week. Jam sessions, comedy, painting, exhibitions and much more. You will never be short of things to do. Another thing that will keep you active is the price of everything. Budapest is quite an inexpensive place, a beer will generally cost you about $2 out at a bar and $1 in a shop and a nice meal never more than $10.  The cost of living also means you can travel a lot more. Hungary being in the middle of Eastern Europe means it can be super quick and cheap to jet off to other places for a weekend. I just got back from a long weekend snowboarding in Slovakia and plan on doing Poland and the Czech Republic.


Lastly though don’t forget to bring some warm clothes, it can get quite cold here in winter. We had a week of -10 straight and I can surely say that I’m not used to that coming from Australia. But I have been told that it will start warming up soon so pack a little of both. Also it is a good idea to enrol in the Hungarian beginners course as not everyone is great at English and locals always appreciate you trying.


Jed Vernon
Bachelor of Design in Architecture
Budapest University of Technology & Economics

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