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Erasmus University, Rotterdam – the Netherlands.


So, you want to go on exchange to the Netherlands and think that Erasmus University, Rotterdam might be the university for you. But you’re a bit worried– going on exchange is a big commitment and involves a lot more than just packing your bags and flying across the world. You have to consider aspects such as finances, housing, visas and adjusting to a whole new culture when making a decision to go abroad and it can get quite overwhelming!

Though daunting, preparing for exchange is a lot easier than you might think! Erasmus University and UTS both have amazing resources to ensure that you are completely prepared for your trip abroad. In fact, even if you haven’t applied to go on exchange the Erasmus University website (which I have linked at the end) is a great start to get a grasp on what is involved when going on exchange including information on the cost of living, how housing is arranged at Erasmus and even getting a side job while you study. The website also has a cool “Scroll through campus” page which gives you a great insight into student life and the campus layout at Erasmus.

Once you’ve done your initial research and decided to apply for Erasmus, your main support will be the international officers at both UTS and Erasmus University. I was lucky enough to have Carlotta as my exchange officer at UTS and she has been amazing to me throughout the whole application process. She answered all my stupid and confusing questions as well as aided me in clearing up all the problems I had regarding subject selection. Ellen from Erasmus was also great as she quickly answered any questions that I had. After being accepted Ellen provided me with so many useful documents surrounding setting up all your university portal logins and a document that contained basic info on other students who are also on exchange. Erasmus also organises for you to have an exchange ambassador, a student who will help you get adjusted to life in the Netherlands and at Erasmus University. In addition, a brunch was held to introduce all the new international students to each other (which was an awesome way of making friends).

Also, as not all things can be answered clearly in pamphlets and websites I thought I would leave you some useful advice about studying at Erasmus University which I found quite hard to find:

  • Student housing is for students who will be studying for at least 4 months. As a trimester is only 3 months, it’s quite unlikely you will find accommodation at the university unless you are going for two trimesters.
  • As Erasmus operates under trimesters, they give each subject slightly less credit points than they do here at UTS. Typically, each subject is only worth 3-5 ECTS meaning that you will need to enrol into 4-5 subjects just to equate studying 3 subjects at UTS.
  • Beware that Erasmus University only offers specific subjects for each trimester. This means that your subject choice is limited as you must make sure that the subjects you choose are running during the same time of year.

Hopefully you found this blog informative and you decide to visit the Netherlands. It is a beautiful country which a different style and vibe in each city and it is so much more than just tulips and windmills. All the best for your time abroad =)!

Erasmus Finances Link:
Erasmus Housing Link:

Joshua Verhoef
Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Erasmus University, Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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