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Stockholm University, Sweden



As an exchange student from Sydney, Australia, being on exchange in Stockholm, Sweden has opened my eyes to a completely different culture, way of living and of course, climate. When I first arrived in Stockholm I was in utter shock at the beauty the city had to offer. I was surrounded by old, stunning buildings, that were nothing like back home. Seeing a city covered in snow for the first time was also breathtaking! The city itself is easy to get around, with everyone speaking such good English and happy to help. Straight away Stockholm struck me as a very friendly and exciting city.


Being on exchange in Stockholm has given me the opportunity to not only explore Sweden, but also the rest of Europe. For example, within my first few weeks of university I had already visited Estonia, Denmark and had booked two other trips with the university. Being able to live so close to the rest of Europe gives you the opportunity to go places much easier and for a couple of days at a time. However, my experience on exchange has been completely enhanced by the amazing new friends I’ve made.


Being on exchange allows for you to interact with new cultures, learn new traditions and see other people’s way of life. Walking away from exchange I know I will be going home with a whole bunch of new friends, that I will stay in contact with. Furthermore, while it was hard at first to adapt to the Swedish weather, considering I’ve come to realise Australians don’t really have a proper winter, the weather has given me the opportunity to improve my skiing skills and try new activities! For example, only just 40 mins from my student accommodation is a ski field in the city where I have been able to ski at. I have also had the amazing experience of dog sledding, snowmobiling, seeing the stunning northern lights and Sauna/frozen Lake swims in Lapland! These are just some of the few reasons why I’d highly recommend exchange in Stockholm to anyone considering it. Seriously, do it!


Elodie Jane Bethuel
Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Business
Stockholm University

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