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Sophia University, Japan

It’s March 21st and the plane is about to leave. The Sydney which was blazing hot all week has suddenly started pouring as if a calamity has struck. Maybe this is a sign that Australia will miss me after I depart …

Just kidding.

For some exchange students, this is the period when they are coming back from exchange. For others, this is the period when they are undergoing their exams or simply still studying. For me, I haven’t even left yet!

I think especially as someone who hasn’t left yet, there’s so much that needs to be completed before even considering the journey. Things you need to buy, people you need to say your farewells to and food that you need to eat because you won’t be having it for another couple of months!


KHUU Peter 1
Goodbye doggo!

In amongst of all of these items, your preparation tends to be poor as everything is crammed and rushed to the last minute. Personally, I was living off coffee and energy drinks every day and on four hours of sleep which isn’t exactly the best combination for your body, but I think it’s something that happens to many people. It may be that your friends want to do something spontaneous on the weekend before you leave, it may be that you forgot to buy spare cables and you need to get them on express shipping, it may be that you need to complete an important project prior to leaving and it’s not even halfway done! Whatever it may be, unexpected things tend to happen so you will rarely be completely prepared, the only thing you can do is soldier on and push yourself so you can depart with no regrets.

KHUU Peter 2

I have had many of my friends, family and colleagues ask me, “Hey, are you excited about your exchange?” and to be honest, I am quite mellow about it. It’s a strange feeling, I should be excited, I should be full of anticipation, but all the emotions I currently have lead to indifference.

I don’t know where this emotion is coming from honestly. I think I am a kind of person who will be able to understand the surrealness once I board the plane, because I know it will be awesome, I know I will have so much fun and I know that it will definitely change me as a person. This journey and experience is something that we have been working towards for a year in advance so it only makes sense that our expectations are so high.

KHUU Peter 3

For some people, their journey has ended. For others, their journey is still in progress. For me, my journey has just started.

Peter Khuu
Bachelor of Science in Games Development
Sophia University

Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient.

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