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Hej fra København!

Ryan Cox1

Do you like drinking øl (beer), bike riding, beautiful buildings and don’t mind the rain? If so, Copenhagen is the place to be. It’s now been six weeks since I arrived in the ‘the happiest city on earth’ and I am loving it.

I am currently completing my second last semester of an engineering and science degree at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). It is worth noting that the main Lyngby campus is located approximately 30 minutes north of the city centre. Despite this I would still recommend this university as it has a huge range of science, engineering and tech subjects. It even has a space department!

Ryan Cox2

First thing you should know is that everyone in Copenhagen speaks English to a fairly high level. So, not speaking Danish isn’t necessarily a issue. However, the Danes do appreciate you giving it a crack and why not if the Danish language course is free! That’s right, free when you get your CPR number (essentially your social security number). I came to Copenhagen with no danish language skills and now I can order food in Dansk which is pretty cool.

Bicycle riding is an integral part of the Danish lifestyle. With over 400 km of elevated cycleways criss-crossing the city and ample bicycle parking, Copenhagen is a cyclists paradise. If cycling isn’t for you, the public transport system here is also quite good. Make sure you get yourself a Rejeskort (equivalent to the Opal card) though as buying paper tickets can cost almost twice as much!

Ryan Cox3

This city has a vibrant culture with various festivals and events happening all the time. At the moment the Vinterjazz festival is in full-swing with various international and local acts playing in loads venues across the city. So the far, the best gig I have been to was Baun, a local jazz/funk artist.

For the rest of my exchange, I am planning on eating loads of cinnamon pastries, exploring Europe with friends and enjoying the summer/spring sunshine (when it arrives). If you have even considered going on exchange, I highly recommend coming to Copenhagen.

Ryan Cox


Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Engineering

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)



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