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Hello from Aarhus!


Hello from Aarhus! I have been living in this wonderful city for the past few weeks and have been loving it. It is a small, beautiful and cosy town with great and friendly people. The colourful low rise buildings, cobblestone streets and monuments fit perfectly within the Scandinavian-city stereotype.

Leaving the Australian summer to the chill of the Scandinavia was definitely a shock to the system when I first arrived. No matter the amount of clothes I wore, warmth seemed such a distant concept. But don’t worry I can proudly confirm that it does get better and you will get used to the cold. It snows very lightly making the mornings quite beautiful and sometimes you will be lucky enough to see the clear blue sky.


The transition from culture to culture was no problem here. The Danes are very lovely people who are willing to help and have a chat. The best thing is that they are also very good at English which saves anyone who is visiting from studying one of the most difficult languages (in my opinion). There are also large groups of exchange students both within the city and the university. This creates such a vibrant and diverse atmosphere that ensures that during your stay in Aarhus you will not only make friends with Danes but also people all over the world.

I currently live in a student housing complex in Risskov and it has been great. I have a fully equipped (and warm) apartment with a shared kitchen. All 14 other floor mates have also been super friendly and helpful. It’s a great living situation as you are able to meet more people, go to more events, learn more about the ins and outs of Aarhus and so on. It takes about a 15 min bus to get to the architecture school and 10 min bike to the center of the city.


In terms of classes, I attend every weekday to either lectures, studio and/or tutorials. Here as an architecture student, you have your own desk which is quite nice and refreshing from the atmosphere of UTS. I’m really enjoying the studio atmosphere and it is interesting to study architectural design, concepts, history and theory in a completely different context. The actual campus is beautiful, with an amazing library and great facilities.


I also just arrived back from a study trip in Athens, Greece last weekend. We spent a week looking at archaeological sites and Greek architecture in preparation for this semester’s project. Most of the studio classes will undertake an international trip which is a fantastic bonus but note you will have to pay for some/majority of the expense – but it’s all worth it.

Lastly just a few things that I’ve caught on while living here – 1. It is quite expensive here so get to know the places that are cheaper in regards to groceries, food, drinks and the most important coffee. 2. If you want to travel, it’s best to catch a bus to Copenhagen (3hrs) then fly out from there. 3. Get a bike! The easiest, cheapest and best way to see the city. Look at second hand bikes on Facebook. 4. Join Facebook groups such as Aarhus Internationals for helpful tips and more info.

I’m looking forward to this semester and excited to see what happens during my stay in Aarhus. It definitely already feels like home. If you have any questions, feel free to email me:


Julia Ramos 12558021

Bachelor of Design in Architecture

Arkitektskolen Aarhus (Aarhus School of Architecture)

Aarhus Denmark

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