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From London to Paris

Sophie Martin3

I was lucky enough to be able to extend my exchange for another semester to Paris, having already studied the past 6 months in London – as you can guess, I was not ready to head home just yet. Studying abroad has been one of the most amazing experiences, and life in Paris is something everyone should experience if they have the opportunity! The city is so beautiful, just walking around everywhere is a pleasure, plus it’s relatively small which makes it super quick and simple to get wherever you are going. I am studying here at University Paris Dauphine, the University is located in the 16th arrondisement, a lovely area with plenty of cafés or boulangeries to have a coffee, croissant or bite to eat in between classes. I am living a little far away from University in the 11th arrondisement, right next to Bastille. I love the area, there’s so much happening and everything you need is a 10-minute walk away – restaurants, excellent wine bars, supermarkets and a cheap farmers market on every Thursday and Saturday! Something I have found particularly surprising about Paris is just how lovely everybody is, most people I have spoken to are very encouraging and warm when you try to speak French with them, the stereotypical rude Parisian couldn’t be more wrong in my opinion! (It also rains a lot, at least as much as London!)

Sophie Martin2

Whilst I am on exchange in Paris I am studying elective subjects – which was a welcomed break from all my previous business subjects. I am studying French as a Foreign Language (I would highly recommend to do this, or take classes outside of Uni which is a great way to meet new people to!) which has been great to keep my practice / confidence up when speaking a new language. I am also studying Pop Art which is really interesting, as we get to visit new galleries during some classes, and there are no shortage of incredible galleries and museums in Paris – my favourites have been the Palais de Tokyo and the National Museum of Modern Art. My other classes involve Current Social and Political Issues focused on the USA and Britain, both of which have been new and interesting for me.

Another fantastic thing about being here is just how quick and easy it is to travel to so many new, exciting places! As long as you book things in advance, the flights are super cheap and you can be in an entirely new world in a matter of hours. Take advantage, meet new people and see what the city has to offer!

Sophie Martin1

Sophie Martin


Bachelor of Business

University Paris Dauphine

Paris, France

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