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HK is a bit HK CRAY (In a good way)

Infinity pool in Lantau – photo credit @photosbyscott

Hey I’m Chhaya I study bachelor of design in fashion and textiles and I’ve completed my semester abroad at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Spring 2017, and let me tell you exchange was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Hong Kong like I have said previously is a perfect blend of vibes, east meets west, concrete jungle in the middle of actual jungle. My time at PolyU was one that can be summed up with this one statement “HK you Cray”

Sunset at Suicide Peak – photo credit @photosbyscott

With the Uni side of things Hong Kong Polytechnic offered me so many opportunities to challenge myself, the facilities were some that were similar if not identical to those used in industry. (They literally have a mini textile factory here its insane!) My teachers were amazing and very student focused, some even enabled me to gain an internship opportunity after my completion of exchange, I’m still in contact with them now.

PolyU is honestly located perfectly in Hong Kong. Situated in Kowloon you are close to key areas and have easy access to MTR’s and buses. Halls had restaurants and grocery stores seconds away from you and having the beautiful harbour a short walk from you student accommodation made it a perfect place for late night runs and just chilling with your friends.IMG_7946

Uni life was honestly very stress free, I was eating dinner with my mates every single night (because it was cheaper than cooking) across the road from halls it was a luxury and experience I will definitely miss. The workload was manageable since I wasn’t working a part time job and uni is literally next door to home . Having all your friends living minutes between you is something that is really great because it’s very hard to feel lonely (yes waiting for the lift between floors did challenge my patience to the point that I used to climb flights of stairs… hey I guess it let me stay/get fit?)

From the social scene of spending our weekends exploring and adventuring through Hong Kong finding cool hikes and food to do and try. Going out in Hong Kong was always fun and you too if you come here will be like a local and grab your drinks from 711 and enjoy the fact that you can drink in the streets of LKF (the Kings Cross of Hong Kong) before deciding which club (or few) you want to hit up.


The friends you make on exchange help make your experience and for that I’m grateful I was surrounded by so many amazing people from all over the globe. Cheers to them for making my exchange experience great (and also giving me more of an excuse to travel so I can visit them).

There is so much to see and do in Hong Kong, the list is endless because there is so much more to Hong Kong than its city (which is still very beautiful and bustling). Some of my favourite days adventuring were going to a waterfall on Lantau island, Hiking suicide peak (the view is incredible) and bike riding through the new territories.

HK you were HK CRAY! But I loved every minute of it.

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