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Pizza, Pasta, Carbs!!

Grouo My University

Hey guys! My name is Leila and if you haven’t guessed I am currently doing an exchange session in Italy at the Università Cattolica in Milano! Arriving in June and not starting orientation has given me heaps of time to travel, not to mention meet a tonne of people along the way! They’re usually from different countries but you’ll meet the occasional Australian that makes you feel a little bit at home, but then you find out they’re from Melbourne and there’s bit of rivalry (just kidding).

Anyways, I haven’t started classes yet but orientation is already under way! Our first ice breaker activity was the Amazing Race (Milano style) as oppose to the usual name 3 things about yourself that people don’t know about you.. Buffet lunch Italian style is to die for. It’s been so easy to settle into the university life, everyone has been so friendly and the campus is beautiful, but huge… took me half an hour to find my class this morning!

Milano is a beautiful city, the closest to Sydney I’ve felt because there’s public transport that works and it’s still an industrial city, a little multicultural and always busy!

I promise you exchange is always worth it! I already want to come back and I haven’t even left!

Leila Maugeri (12623397)

Bachelor of Global studies

Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore (Milano, Italy)

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