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Dobrý Deň!


I have spent the last 3 weeks travelling around Europe with 3 friends from UTS. Having already visited Spain, Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic, I have to say it has been an amazing, and at times, a little too busy of a holiday.

Spain, Italy and Greece

Barcelona Church

The trip started in Barcelona, where I was amazed by the wonderful architecture present in the city, and left not a little dazed after seeing right hand side driving for the first time! Choosing to ride bicycles alongside the cars shortly after being exposed to driving on the right was not a good idea.

After seeing this (relatively) quiet and urban side of Spain, we flew to an island known for partying across the world; Ibiza! Ibiza was a lively place with a young, partying vibe across the island. During my time in Ibiza I was fortunate enough to see and party with some of my favourite DJs/Music artists such as Kygo, French Montana and Dizzee Rascal!

The next city I travelled to was Milan; the fashion capital of Europe! Not having a huge interest in fashion myself, I was given plenty of opportunities to indulge in authentic Italian cuisine and admire the unique cityscape.


Our next stop were the Greek Islands of Paros and Mykonos. Despite their proximity, both islands had a unique vibe; Paros was a smaller island where Greek culture could be better observed, while Mykonos attracted many tourists due to its natural beauty and party hotspots. It was here in Paros where I was able to witness a sunset on the water for the first time.

Needless to say, during our time travelling around these 3 beautiful and culturally rich countries we made countless friends and met people with many unique stories; an unforgettable experience.


Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is where I will be spending the next 12 weeks and also my final semester of University. The country is well known for its unique, old fashioned architecture and of course; beer. The Czech Republic has a massive beer consumption of 142.6L per capita – which I am no longer surprised by after witnessing the locals drink beer.

Cityscape Prague

The Prague cityscape is incredibly unique and stands out, especially when witnessed from Prague tower. Furthermore, Prague castle is a beautiful piece of architecture which resides in the heart of the city.

Aside from the sightseeing, the host university has been extremely helpful and caring, catering for all the exchange students’ needs. The other exchange students are also very friendly and make Prague an amazing place to visit for exchange. Despite having only been in Prague for a week, it feels strangely like home – all because of the people around me. I would highly recommend anyone considering student exchange to choose Prague!

Jayesh Malhotra
ID: 97117636
Degree: Bachelor of Information Technology (Co-op)
University of Economics, Prague
Czech Republic

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