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Hello Seoul!


Hi all!

So I’ve been in Seoul for almost two weeks now. When I first got here I was a mix of feeling excited and slightly overwhelmed at the whole idea of living in another country on my own for an extended period of time! But despite the inevitable nervous feelings I knew that it was going to be one of the best experience and decision I’ll ever make!

Fortunately for me, the whole process of preparing for this exchange before my departure date has been very smooth and easy! My acceptance package came very early and I was granted my visa within a week! I was a little stressed with the whole enrolment process for my host university as I was told by a few different people that it was going to be very competitive and not always easy to get in the subjects I’d initially want. However, I made sure that I was very well prepared before the opening of enrolment date, and thankfully I was able to enrol in all my desired subjects in the first 15 minutes! As I need to complete a total of 18cp, that is equivalent to 4 subjects at Sogang University. For my electives I’ve chosen to study one Korean language subject which I feel would help me get around and experience Korea better by learning the basics. I’m currently also doing psychology, sociology and religion and culture subjects which were the options that were most interesting to me and now I know I made the right choice!

In terms of accommodation I’m living in on campus in the dorms, which is definitely a very new and exciting experience for me! As I got here a few days earlier I was able to meet up with a few other Sogang students and we did a bit of travelling and exploring around Seoul! We visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Folk museum Jogyesa temple, Bukchon Village, Myeongdong shopping district and many many more!! I’m also really enjoying the food here! Korean bbq all day err day!! My sogang group also recently watched the movie “Train to Busan” and now we are all planning a Busan trip to go to this weekend!! I will be sure to take many pictures and post updates on my experience and adventures!

Till my next post,

Jenny (Ngoc Yen) Nguyen (12031629)

Bachelor of Management in Events and Leisure

Sogang University

South Korea, Republic of

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